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What is Bespoke Software?

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Bullet Point Bespoke Software

Game changing and innovative is how our clients describe their new software. Automating key activities and combining the processes described below to suit your business is like having additional admin staff at a fraction of the cost. The functions that create the bespoke nature of our work are as follows...

Bullet Point Online Payment System Integration

Accept online payments for goods and services, generate invoices and digitally signed contracts too

Bullet Point Accounting Records

Auto record all sales, invoices and check business and individual sales performance over any date range

Bullet Point Email Automation

Save time with editable auto email responses to defined actions, auto email invoices on defined dates and set new email accounts

Bullet Point Automation

Pre-fill forms from your database, automate repetitive tasks, manage and track workflow, manage and track sales or business processes and reduce admin. We can also pre-fill basic or official forms that produce PDF documents which can then be auto-emailed, printed or saved. We can also provide a speech to text facility on forms for use on tablets only.

Bullet Point Database Specialists

Collect data from all activity on your website, convert your large and complex Excel workbooks to a robust bespoke cloud database solution, transfer legacy databases. Data analysis for comprehensive reporting, information presentation and searches

Bullet PointReports

Generate automatic PDF reports for clients or internal use

Bullet Point Graph Your Database

Auto produce graphs from your data for more effective and easily understood presentations

Bullet Point Algorithm Integration

Build mathematical calculations into your software to enhance your day to day management overview, performance, forecasts and your current business situation

Bullet Point Business Intelligence

Improve decision making with software that interprets and utilises your data efficiently

Bullet PointSecure Access Levels

Multi-level secure access to allow assigned access for senior managers, managers and staff to view selected information and projects

Bullet Point Cloud Apps

Develop scalable applications that meet your needs through software in the cloud with access anywhere anytime from any device

Bullet Point Web Apps

Develop scalable applications that you and your customers can access anywhere anytime from any device

Bullet Point Mobile Apps

Bring mobility and flexibility to business with applications that run on mobiles and tablets

Bullet Point SMS Communication

Send and receive editable SMS text messages, notifications and reminders from within your software applications

Bullet Point Collaborative Systems

Streamline your business systems and make them work together for greater efficiency and superior results

Bullet Point Archives and Logs

Archive all designated documents and activities. All actions can be recorded for all activities and time/date stamped for audit purposes, geo location information can also be included

Bullet Point Diary

Record all appointments and actions for staff and clients in an easily readable format. Schedule automated activities too

Bullet Point Web and Email Hosting

Our secure web and email hosting ensures your new bespoke software and emails operate to the optimum

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