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Survey Management And Report Publishing Platform

Put your business ahead of your competition with bespoke software.

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Survey Management Platform

This platform is bespoke written by Digitav which means it's scalable, more secure and easier to modify. We make the software fit your business methodology which makes it easier for you and your staff to use.

This platform can manage all types of surveying activity including the auto-production of reports with your branding. Information for each building, floor and room including pictures can be stored in the database. It can be linked to an App for use in remote places, plus much more. Read the customer survey below for more insight.

What is Bespoke Software

How We Co Operate With You

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Resolve Asbestos Management

What effect has this platform had on the business?

It has made my job within the business much easier, now it is tailored to exactly what I need

What's the best thing about it?

How much time I save.

How easy was it to learn to use?

It took me around a week to pick to new system up but it was well worth it.

Is there anything else you'd like it to do?

I don't need anything else for it to do at the moment but I know its only a phone call away if I do.

Is the whole process now automated or do you use others and if so are they paper or web based or other?

The whole process is now automated.

Are you using everything on the platform?

Yes we use everything that is on the platform.

Warren Smith

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