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Sales Management CRM Platform

It's like having extra Admin Staff at a fraction of the cost.

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Sales Management Platform

This platform is bespoke written by Digitav which means it's scalable, more secure and easier to modify. We make the software fit your business methodology making it easier for you and your staff to use. The platform has many automated features which can lead to much greater efficiency.

A comprehensive business platform that's like having extra admin for a fraction of the cost. The platform manages your sales process, invoicing and customer activity. It can also keep track of staff workflow and productivity, plus much more. Read the customer survey below for more insight.

What is Bespoke Software

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What effect has this platform had on the business?

The design and development of our own Business Management System designed for us by Digitav has been a game changer for the organisation. For us it is like having a permanent digital administrator on hand 24/7. Having this portal has increased our sales, helped us reduce running costs and improved our Marketing opportunities.

What's the best thing about it?

The best thing about our Business Management System is having all our information in one place and accessible for all those involved in the business. We all work remotely so having this facility in real time has been incredibly useful. We particularly love the chat facility as its live and any messages are seen instantly so can be actioned much quicker than if sent by email.

How easy was it to learn to use?

Really easy to use as you build the system with Digitav. They offer you complete customer training on all aspects of the system and are never bothered if you go back to them to refresh your memory.

Is there anything else you'd like it to do?

The more I use the portal the more I want to build into it. We recently added a text facility recommended by Digitav and its working amazingly for us and allowing very cost effective marketing. I personally feel that using Digitav has saved us money and the benefits we have witnessed have probably mean the system will have paid for itself within the year.

Is the whole process now automated or do you use others and if so are they paper or web based or other?

95 % is fully automated now but because of the awarding bodies we use (CITB) some has to stay paper based. However we have been audited on a number of occasions by CITB and they have highly praised the system and how easy we can find information on delegates course performance, and instructor credentials. Gold Star Standard !!

Are you using everything on the platform?

Yes we use everything on the portal. We all have different remits and different requirement from the portal but all are satisfied that we get everything we need with this system.

Michelle Riley
Business Development Manager

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