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Course Sales Management and Enrolment Platform

Put your business ahead of your competition with bespoke software.

Built To Manage The Sale Of Commercial Courses For Higher Education Colleges And Training Companies

The Course Sales Management and Enrolment Platform also includes the official enrolment form for colleges in an online version that can be pre-filled. Industry specific forms can also be included and pre-filled. Applications have never been easier.

Managing your sales staff and client relationships is made much easier with see at a glance application progress information. This product has been shown to increase productivity by up to 400%.

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Blackpool and The Fylde College

  • What effect has the portal had on your business?
  • It has increased our ability to be employer responsive whilst providing an audit trail and back management system to improve our customer service and financial management. It has significantly reduced admin time and with further work could continue to do so.

    It also has a sales reporting system which is used when tracking staff members financial targets, this gives us the ability to report on figures very quickly.
  • What's the best thing about it?
    • The ability to track bookings – when customers contact, we have all the information readily available and it can be broken down into stages to ensure each part of the booking and industry registration is completed.
    • The pre-populated course information – this pre-populates course codes and prices which are essential for our student administration team, with these correct automatically, it decreases the likelihood of errors
    • Replaces ‘missing paperwork’ – this electronic system has replaced a paper-based trail which often, when moving files from different departments, fell down in practicality and organisation.
    • No single point of failure, access for multiple staff members – we can all access and see where learners are currently sat in their booking/registration journey.
  • How easy was it to learn to use?
  • We find the system very easy to use once given the correct training, as all systems do, it takes getting used to but it is clear and concise and was built for the purposes that we needed it for, for example, invoicing.
  • Is there anything else you'd like it to do?
  • Yes, as discussed previously, however it currently meets our requirements but we are just looking to develop it further as we are expanding its use across all commercial areas of the business rather than just for automotive.
  • Is the whole process now automated or do you use others and if so are they paper or web based or other
  • No we only use this and it still has manual processes necessary for the completion of bookings – as mentioned above.
  • Are you using everything on the platform
  • Yes – everything was built for a purpose on the system and we use all parts in order to comply with automotive industry regulations as well as our employer’s regulations.