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Competition Management Platform

Put your business ahead of your competition with bespoke software.

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Competition Management Platform

The Digitav Competition Management Platform is bespoke written and manages the British National Dance Championships and other competitions at the Blackpool Dance Festival and The Chinese National Dance Championships in Shanghai. The Blackpool Dance Festival is one of the most prestigious Ballroom Dancing Festivals in the world. See Article

On behalf of BECL (Blackpool Entertainment Company Limited), Michael Williams, managing director, said: “The team at Digitav were great to work with and came up with solutions to ensure the system was fully operational for the Festival. The software is key to the success and integrity of the Festival and will be used by The Blackpool Dance Festival in China in the hugely successful Dance Championships in Shanghai in August, and in other competitions in the future.”

This is a comprehensive data management platform which includes everything from booking tickets to working out final placings, plus much more.

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