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Case Studies.

Building Business Software Platforms is much more than just writing the software.

Study 1

Staff at an organisation were offered pay increases to encourage them to take courses in the use of software such as MS Office. Each course completed increased a pay grade. However, after our new system was integrated it became clear that many staff now on much higher than the basic admin wage were refusing to do anything other than answer the phone and open mail. This was addressed and our new system managed the course enrolments and ensured that no pay rise was granted without a change to the Employment Contract.

Study 2

One organisation using a paper-based system asked us to design and integrate their new cloud-based system. After uploading a few months of legacy contracts and documents for testing, the new system uncovered fraudulent commission claims going back a long time.

Study 3

Another organisation had recently acquired a company and were finding it difficult to access their data without the co-operation of certain key staff who didn’t like the new situation. The new system that digitav installed ensured not only that the new owners would have complete control over their documentation, but they also had id, date and time-stamped oversight on all changes, amendments and uploads. The system helped the new owners to ease tensions by training the existing staff in the use of the new platform.

Study 4

Yet another organisation had problems getting several signatories for industry regulated contracts in one place at one time to sign and activate the contracts. There were many hours of wasted car journeys. The new system we installed meant that the contracts could be digitally signed, and this increased productivity by 400%.

Study 5

One organisation in Australia had considerable difficulty finding a company to write bespoke software to meet their needs. After two failed attempts down under, one of their staff who had recently emigrated and had previously heard of us recommended our services. We completed the work to their delight.

Study 6

We were approached by an organisation that had taken over another company whose website was quite old and using redundant software. The new owners wanted to move the website and data to their own servers in Amsterdam, to recover the database. They were worried about vulnerabilities and unsafe software. We assisted by setting up isolated test servers and testing the software and database for bugs and fixing the redundant software before they inducted the website into their own system, recovered the data and then commissioned a new system.

Study 7

Another organisation had a commonly available open source e-commerce platform which needed constant upgrading and security patches as their business grew. This often caused slow performance and was expensive to pay for the changes and upgrades required. They approached us to see what benefits a bespoke written package could give them. We provided a scalable platform that did not need constant upgrades. Also, their new system was better able to match their method of operation, grow with their business and it became a part of their business and not something that was a constant thorn in their side.