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Auction Management Platform

Put your business ahead of your competition with bespoke software.

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Easily Manage And Run Multiple Online Auctions

Run one or multiple auctions a month, the final bidding period includes extended times for each individual lot. This is designed to recreate the urgency of the auctioneer with gavel saying, “going once, going twice…” this feature prolongs the auctions and increases the final hammer price.

The auction platform also manages your client areas, watch lists and offers different methods of bidding. The admin process is made simple from issuing invoices, taking payment and printing delivery notes and delivery address labels.

There are marketing opportunities built into the system that become more apparent as each auction goes by. Why not get in touch today for more information or a free demo.

What is Bespoke Software

How We Co Operate With You

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Online Auction

What effect has this platform had on the business?

The business has expanded significantly. This was a new project started from scratch and with support from digitav it has created a completely new industry.

What's the best thing about it?

Ease of use. It helps manage the whole business simply and easily.

How easy was it to learn to use?

It is an extensive platform but it is easy to follow. Some training required, but all things follow from one to the next and tasks are easy to find.

Is there anything else you'd like it to do?

As the business changes adaptability and flexibility are required, the support from Digitav makes this easy.

Is the whole process now automated or do you use others and if so are they paper or web based or other?

Everything that can be automated is automated but some things such as deliveries still need to be carried out manually.

Are you using everything on the platform?


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