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Digitav Bespoke Software Platforms Manage the British National Ballroom Dance Championships in Blackpool and The Chinese National Ballroom Dance Championships in Shanghai.

Estate Agent Management
Dance Competition Management
Residential Care Management
Sales Management
Survey Management
Training Courses Management
Auction Platform
Ecommerce Platform

Our Business Is To Improve Yours

At Digitav we focus on ensuring our clients achieve the maximum potential from their bespoke business systems. The biggest USP that we have is that we can provide exactly what the client needs with bespoke development. We can build completely new systems or we can edit one of our existing packages to suit the business methodology. Call us today on 01253 292292 for more information.

Are you using several off the shelf products?

We create a system that combines all the functions you need to run your business into one, more efficient system at a cost effective price.

Do you have repetitive or time consuming tasks?

With our systems we are able to automate many processes so they can be completed with a click of a button, it's like having extra admin staff for a fraction of the cost.

Safe, Secure, Easy to use

Our systems are safe and secure, all pages and forms are branded to your company, By setting access levels for each member of staff they will only see the data you need them to see.

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